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>> reporter: and what an experience it was out there on the field! remember, the oakland a's, a good dozen games out of first place in midsummer. they hunted down the texas rangers. i'm telling ya, what a day it was here at the ballpark! the oakland coliseum, alive and well for a critical wednesday night. >> i'm very nervous. >> i am so excited! >> i'm going crazy! >> yeah! >> reporter: a wild and wacky crowd painted the ballpark with green and gold.
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>> baby! >> you know what, this is just icing on the cake. >> reporter: and they will keep the lead all the way through the last out. just like that, the oakland a's are your 2012 al west division champs. >> i feel great. been here since opening day in 1967, i guess, been to '72, '73, '74. >> great. amazing. >> i want to cry! i want to cry! unbelievable! awesome! >> you know what? go a's! >> woo! >> it's incredible! incredible! >> reporter: the incredible team indeed. a's fans still celebrating here outside the coliseum. not many people across the country knew about the a's. america sure knows them now, as your oakland a's are the al west champs in 2012. live outside the coliseum, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news.
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>> just as recently as nine games ago, the oakland a's were actually five games out of first place. >> and they responded by winning their last six in a row, including a three-game sweep with the texas rangers. from 5-to-1, the a's come back with a 6-1. yoenis cespedes set what looked like a fly ball to center. but you see josh hamilton loses the ball. a drop for a two-run error. it gave the a's a 7-5 lead. >> the eighth had four more runs with the bases loaded. brandon moss shoots a single to right. nelson has problems on his own. all three runners score. a's up 12-5. then grant balfour gets michael young to fly out meekly to center. that ends the game. so for the second time in three days, the a's were popping
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champagne corks, for their division title more details now on the american league play-offs. the a's are the western division champs, as we mentioned, but their opponent is still up in the air. all depends on what the yankees do tonight. if they win, the a's will play the detroit tiergs. tigers. well, the party was not only on the field, but off the field as we saw a moment ago. the fans were just going crazy. we continue our coverage now from the coliseum. john, i can't remember the last time i've heard the coliseum as loud as it was today. >> reporter: you are right. it has been over an hour. you can see that many f -- many of these fans do not want to get home. they're just savoring this moment, a moment many have been
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waiting for for years. >> it's awesome! i've been coming to the game since the 70's and this is the most awesome feeling ever. >> i've been an a's fan since the 90's. it's great! >> it's all good! >> woo! >> i've been to games in the past, division championship games in the past. this just is much more sweet this time. >> i just wore my baseball and my hat -- i had it signed by balfour.
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>> reporter: 30,000 people in the ballpark today, happy. everybody here is saying that the oakland a's are the american league division champions. >> a lot of champagne in just the last hour or so since they clinched the division championship. >> reporter: gasia, imagine this for the oakland a's. they had never had sole possession of first place in the west division until today. game 162. they had the best record, however, since june 2, in the major leagues the best record, and that had followed a nine- game losing streak. this turnover, this turnaround, certainly a miraculous thing. they did it by winning their last six games. this is the final out. grant balfour making the pitch.
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coco crisp, making the catch. 5-1 to win it. here is the manager, bob melvin, talking. >> i know you had a good feeling about this team in spring training. >> i know that even during that nine-game losing streak, you still had the confidence, still had the team behind you. when was it that you thought, yes, we are a west division championship team? >> you know what? i don't know that i -- we could try to get better. we just tried to get better and better as the season went along. june, july, august, we started to have a feeling that we could do something if we stayed in a position to do it. you know, you look at our record the second half of the season, absolutely amazing. >> from day 1, it's been inside of us. they never give up. they try to come back. when you get down after a big inning like that, in a situation like this, there's no time to hang your head. you gotta fight back right away. we got in this dugout. we were ready to go. >> we've all been in a position
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of having to fight for our livelihood to stay up here. you put a bunch of guys in a clubhouse like that, and there's a mentally that you go out and play as hard as you can, every single game. >> i'm pretty emotional about this. that's what it's about. the effort went into this at every level. >> josh reddick, doing the job! >> reporter: yes. the owner once told me he expected this baby next year but he was shocked that this championship game would happen this year, so early. remember, there's 15 current players on this roster as rookies, including starting pitcher, including evan scribner. three of the four pitchers that pitched today were rookies. just an incredible thing. they have the second lowest batting average in the league, yet they use home runs, timely
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hitting, incredible pitching to get themselves engaged, to being the west division champions. they don't know who they'll play next. they don't know when, where they'll play next. but you get the feeling that the other play-off teams would fear this incredible storybook team in the next round, whenever that is. reporting live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a celebration in oakland and excitement across the bay as well. the san francisco giants this evening now know their first opponent for the play-offs. the washington nationals defeated the phillies today by a score of 5-1. that victory clinched the top side. it means the giants will face the reds. the giants announced game 1 will be at at&t park on saturday. first pitch is scheduled for 6:37 p.m. we're going to head back out to the coliseum and all the excitement in about 25 minutes and we'll bring you much more
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from those very happy a's fans. in less than one hour, president obama and governor mitt romney will face off in colorado at the university of denver for the first of three debates before election day. it could be a pivotal night for what polls are suggesting is a very tight race for the white house. >> reporter: in many ways, the debate has taken over the university of denver campus. security is tight around the debate hall. thousands of students and faculty will take in history. >> i'm just hoping questions are answered and i can be more informed when i vote. that's what i'm looking for. >> i'm very interested in what obama and romney will say, especially about like obamacare, the health care and all that. >> reporter: the debate will take place inside maggens arena, moderated by jim leher. after mitt romney is trailing in the polls, many expect him
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to come out swinging. >> i think he needs to fight a little bit. obviously, he's not the kind who will play dirty, but i think step it up a little. >> i think you're going to see both sides with as much fire as they possibly have, you know. you're going to see both sides come in with their a game. >> reporter: some debates have more impact than others, but with the polls at close, much may be at stake tonight. >> depending on how each side performs, i think you could see a sway in one direction or the other. >> that was ken pritchard reporting from denver. plenty of debate parties are going on around the bay area and coming up at 5:30, we will go live to both a democrat and a republican watch party. we'll also find out what voters both want and need to hear from their candidate. a federal judge declared a mistrial in the case of a former crime lab technician. deborah madden was charged with
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obtaining cocaine by fraud, deception. but the jury was able to reach a unanimous verdict. they agreed she stole the cocaine but could not all agree that she used deception to get it. attorneys will come back to court october 12 to discuss whether there will be a retrial. a warning today as she addresses the future of hewlett- packard, the reason she says investors should not expect a quick turnaround. and the fog is back. major cooling taking place right now. i'll show you how much cooler it was today and how much cooler it's going to get. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding.
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erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
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a new report today by the oakland police department criticizes the way opd has handled nine officer-involved shootings. a new call for a takeover of the department itself. rita? >> reporter: gasia, this has been an eventful week for oakland police. five homicides in less than 24
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hours and we've learned the filing of a motion tomorrow for an unprecedented federal takeover of the police department. >> oakland has to change and there's no excuse for if fact that they have not. >> reporter: attorney jim shannon took a break to talk to me from his cowriting the motion. shannon has legal standing because of a civil rights lawsuit he won a decade ago in the so-called riders case. that led to federal monitoring of the department and court- ordered changes he says never came. >> we simply can't wait any longer. that's why we're acting now. >> reporter: he'll file the 50- page brief plus exhibits tomorrow. the motion is scheduled for a hearing in mid december where the city of oakland is expected to fight the request. the latest in the long battle getting to this point is the monitor's just released report, criticizing the department's handling in nine police officer
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shootings. three of them were fatal. and it warned that some officers might face sanctions. >> i've done police shootings in many cities. but the problems with oakland are systemic and unique. >> reporter: no one from the police department responded to my request for comment today. but chief howard jordan posted this letter to the community. it says when officers fire a weapon, jordan trusts they will act professionally, ethically and with knowledge of the accountability of their actions. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. hewlett-packard ceo meg whitman delivered grim news to investors today and the stock market was quite to react. tom here now with hp's announcement and the fallout. >> reporter: a true pioneer in technology circled the wagons today. meg whitman said the high-tech pioneering firm is on the road
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to recovery with downsizing well under way as well as new products and services in the pipe like. but it would take two years, the restructuring, because of the overall economy. >> she's not upbeat. she's trying to be up-front and honest. sometimes the market doesn't necessarily like hearing those things come out of the ceo's mouth. >> reporter: whitman said the ceo's in previous years were also to blame. >> no one wants to see the uncertainty. any ceo is going to have to be somewhere for a while to instill their game plan. >> reporter: market watch editor dan gallagher says hp's sheer size makes it hard to work through the company. >> we've had a problem getting that stuff out to the market for people to buy it. >> reporter: for hp, the personal computer and printer markets are flat. it does not have a smartphone. and it remains to be seen how
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well its just released tablet will compete. >> a huge company like hp, it takes a long time to react. >> reporter: in other words, time is not on hp's side. >> whether investors are going to give them, you know, the time that they want to do that is a good question. we don't really know that right now. >> reporter: whatever happens, hp looks to be a much smaller company for a long time to come. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. a private job survey shows there may be little hope for the unemployment rate to come down before election day. adp says its poll of private employers indicates they added about 162,000 jobs in september. that is down from the 189,000 added in august. analysts say the economy needs to add about 200,000 jobs a month to lower the unemployment rate. the u.s. labor department is scheduled to release its jobs report and the september unemployment rate this friday. on wall street today, stocks
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edged up slightly. the dow added 12 points. nasdaq rose 15. and the s&p 500 was five points higher at close. the g street overpass on highway 4, investigators say a 49-year-old man reported that something came through his windshield about 9:45 last thursday night and hit him in the arm. he was treated at the hospital. right about the same time, a woman told police that something shattered her windshield. she was not hurt. back on monday night, something hit an ambulance driving on highway 4. no one was hurt in that incident either. with the launch of iphone 5, apple appears to be turning its attention to an ipad mini. apple's asian suppliers began mass production of a smaller ipad last month. the device will have a smaller screen that is not a higher resolution display. fortune magazine reports that apple will send invitations out next wednesday for an event the
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following wednesday on october 17. it is not official. t-mobile and metropcs are merging. the deal means t-mobile's parent company now serves more than 40 million subscribers. under the terms of the deal, metropcs shareholders will get 1.5 billion in cash and a 20% stake in the combined company. hot weather has led rangers to close san jose's park today, because of the high fire danger there. it's the second day in a row that park has been closed. officials shut it down yesterday when the temperature hit 99 degrees. they say they worry because of so many nearby homes. >> alomar park has a high density of homes. >> there's no word yet whether it will be closed again tomorrow.
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we have a pretty good drop in temperatures, >> it was a heck of a lot cooler today than it was yesterday. out in the country, the tunnel to 24 going westbound, about two hours ago, it was fogged in. the fog is back. but this morning it was still warm. sunny, looked like it was going to be another hot day. in fact, temperatures did climb. about noontime, 12:30, the fog started to roll in at ocean beach and just really put the lid on the temperatures around the bay. see that finger shooting across, shooting over towards the peak? it's really thick. you get this focus right here in the hills and it's very dense up in berkeley right now. so if you're up there on campus or the claremont hotel, you know what i'm talking about. so the fog is back. temperatures today, still pretty warm inland. 87 in fairfield. but we've come down 5, 10, some
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places almost 20 degrees with this cooling. the upshot is the fire danger is going to take a little bit of a break. your air quality is going to get a lot better. and temperatures are coming down. so tuesday's temperatures, 103 in santa rosa, 96 in san jose. that actually tied a record yesterday for san jose. take a look at what happened today. look at san francisco, coming up on 20 degrees. 71 in san francisco today, down from 94 yesterday. so a big drop-off in temperatures. we're looking for temperatures to continue to trend down in the next few days. the reason for that is -- there's my hand. there's low pressure here and you can almost see how we pull this up. so it's pulling the fog back in along the coast. the fog is going to be a player now for the next couple of days. the low pressure center is going to linger offshore and that's going to enhance at times and maybe do away with at times the fog. it's going to be sort of this in-and-out thing with the fog
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in the next few days the. suffice it to say, we have a cooling pattern. shower and marine layer gives way to a fat marine layer and you'll see it over the hills. it will be much cooler in livermore valley and morgan hill tonight. when i come back, we'll get specific with the forecast highs for tomorrow and we'll talk about the five-day forecast with your weekend in view. there are some significant changes as we head to the weekend. see you back here. a dramatic start to fleet week. the navy holds a drill and shows up with a vehicle that it plans to roll out in the event of a major disaster in san francisco. and new information on that collision wean the big rig and amtrak train in the central valley this week. what the driver has now told investigators.
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happening now, occupy protesters are throwing their weight behind richmond residents who say they are angry about the chevron refinery fire that happened back in august. a group is gathered right now near the refinery, holding the rally. after marching to the station to this point. you're looking at live images from newschopper 2. we're going to focus it on the group that appears to be blocking the street. this scene is taking place on the right-hand side of 580 as you're just about to cross the richmond-san rafael bridge. this one intersection does appear to be closed off. the fire, when it happened, sent a big toxic cloud over the city of richmond.
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as a result, thousands of residents went to the hospital in the next few days with respiratory problems. residents are submitting a list of demands to chevron and that list includes reduced emission as well as better air quality monitoring. so fleet week is underway with the blue angels overhead. the navy is showing off an amphibious vehicle. >> i'm very impressed by the size of it, the ability to carry emergency vehicles, from trucks to generators, and all the things we might need in a disaster we hope we never have. >> the mayor was impressed by what the hovercraft could do. it was part of a drill that involved a cooperative effort. gerald huber says the hovercraft could be deployed
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quickly. >> we are self-sufficient. we do not add an extra burden to a catastrophe that is already taking place. we are self-sustaining with our fuel and our food and our needs here in support of the city. >> this morning's drill was meant to simulate a real disaster response. that hovercraft has been deployed in other disasters such as hurricane katrina. an amphibious ready group was also just deployed to the middle east. the 32-year-old truck driver who hit an amtrak train in hanford says he can't explain what happened. investigators say marcario medina was not impaired at the time of the crash and was traveling about 55 miles an hour when he hit the train. mead and 39 people on the train were hurt. democrats are arriving here at party headquarters in san jose for the upcoming presidential debate. we'll show you why president
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obama shorters are anxious but confident. and we're here in walnut creek where the republicans are getting together. they believe romney can knock it out of the park. ñçbñ
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complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5. how about those amazing a's? man, they are the talk of the bay area tonight as the team many counted out are now the western division champs. at one point this summer, the a's were 13 games out of the first place. but tonight they are the champs after another stunning come- from-behind victory for the oakland a's. we continue now with our live team coverage. ktvu's john is outside the
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coliseum with the fans who are still going crazy. >> reporter: things are finally starting to settle a little bit. a lot of people are lined up. the traffic has been taking forever to get out of here. but if you pan to the right, you can still see a lot of people out in the parking lot here just enjoying the moments. certainly some folks down here on the right, by the coliseum, a lot of people there still doing a great deal of tailgating, celebrating the american league western division champion oakland a's. you know, as you said, frank, 13 games back, during the summer. just nine games ago, they were five games back. as i understand, that's one of the biggest deficits to be made up in such a short time. over here you see people lined up to get some tickets because of course play-off tickets on sale for the a's, if not right now, very, very song. i want to introduce you to a couple of folks here stepping on the line there. this is lance and this is al. al, you are a longtime bay area resident. you now live in stockton.
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hey, there, brother. al clark, you now live in stockton and you moved out a little while ago. you were tired. but you came back here -- hang on. and you wanted to come back here, a season ticket holder. what does this mean today? >> it means a lot to the city of oakland, one. and we almost gave it up mid season. and we -- it was so interesting. we saw the guys coming up from behind doing everything they could possibly do to win this game. and we decided that we could make this a full year and we have enjoyed every bit of it. i started not to come, because it was early this morning. i had to leave stockton like 8 in the morning. but i was like, i gotta go. i gotta go. >> early in the game, you guys were down 5-1. >> let's face it. if these guys get together, we are gonna win. we already knew that texas didn't want to mess with us last time. this is our time. >> so it's not don't mess with
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texas. it's don't mess with oakland? >> don't mess with oakland. >> al clark from stockton, thank you, sir. a lot of people here very, very happy. very excited. oakland a's are the western division champions in the american league. a lot of people very, very happy, yet to go home. if you can look over here on 880, the traffic is obviously moving slowly. right now it's about 5:35, certainly rush hour, but a lot of that traffic is impacted by all the people very, very happy, oakland a's fans. live in oakland, i'm john, ktvu channel 2 news. inside and in the middle of it all, let's bring mike back live once again. no one can forget the minute when the team just rushed in after that win. >> reporter: you're right, gasia. the energy inside the ballpark absolutely electrifying.
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super a fan. >> one of the greatest games ever. the place was rocking! it was beautiful! we love it! >> reporter: we got a little piece to show you, but we'll take it in about 10 seconds. ♪[ music ] ♪[ music ] >> we're no. 1! we're no. 1! yea! >> reporter: hear now the sights and sounds in that final out. [ cheering and applause ] >> we all wanted it. now we got it! everyone deserves it! >> best team ever! we're just so happy to be in the play-offs! all the way, baby!
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>> here comes some of the champagne! >> we've been waiting. we knew they had it in 'em. look at 'em right now. going crazy. [ sound of cheering ] >> reporter: back live now, outside the coliseum. banjo man making friends, as he always does inside the ballpark and outside. one thing that's gonna be talked about is the hottest team in baseball right now, and a lot of people will maybe just say the oakland a's, usually the hottest team in baseball moves on farther in the major league baseball play-offs. i'm just saying.
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>> happy fans. a lot of champagne, even a banjo. our coverage is not over. coming up at 6, we'll take you back out to the ballpark. we'll talk to some more excited fans. we're going to feature some photos that our viewers have sent. immediately following that, of course, is tonight's presidential debate which is now less than 30 minutes away. most everyone agrees that this first debate will be the most important of the three debates scheduled. we have team coverage this evening. paul chambers is at a republican watch party. but we begin with robert honda, with the democrats in san jose. robert? >> reporter: we are outside the local democrat party headquarters in san jose, where workers are preparing for a big watch party. inside, supporters of president obama are just starting to arrive. south bay democrats are not only getting ready to watch the debate but to celebrate afterwards.
5:37 pm
they say the debate topic, the economy, is one the president and supporters are ready to talk about. >> the rules have changed. >> reporter: the former assistant secretary of commerce under president obama was a keynote speaker at an economic summit in san jose. he says in his opinion the state of the economy is a plus for the president going into the debate. >> he needs to talk about his values, the values of investing in the middle class, the values of having us be more productive, taking the high road in manufacturing. i think if he speaks of his values, the difference in his vision and romney's vision will become very apparent. >> i think that some of the folks will be concerned about him being professor-ial, but i think he'll be able to explain a very complex issue in a very broken-down way. just break it down to the way people can understand it. >> reporter: democrat leaders say they believe there is still
5:38 pm
a large segment of voters still on the fence. >> but if romney ends up making a lot of negative comments and quips, that's not positive. that's not what people are tuning in for. they want to hear a positive vision for the future and i believe that's what president obama will do tonight. >> reporter: in less than half an hour, we will find out and we will have reaction and analysis right after the debate. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the latest polls sow that the race for president is very close. but mitt romney is behind in many of the key battleground states, so obviously a lot is riding on this debate for mitt romney. we go now to paul. >> reporter: frank, i tell you what, as you said, mitt romney is trailing in some polls. some polls have him tied. but a lot of people say it's romney's night to shine. this is the contra costa county republican party campaign
5:39 pm
office. people up there are sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear from the man, mitt romney, they say will be the next president of the united states. it's the first head-to-head debate between president obama and his republican challenger mitt romney. many people agree there are major differences between the two, who will battle it out for about 90 minutes on domestic issues, which is exactly what some people we spoke with say they want to hear. >> they're professionals. they're good at it. the information they have on hand and who do they speak to. you're singing to the choir on one hand, then going for the independents on the other. >> there's some specific plans i want to hear that people have, exactly how they plan to implement their change. >> but it still doesn't matter because you made up your mind, though? >> that's right. >> reporter: here at the republican headquarters, volunteers are preparing for a weekend of campaigning. >> this is a crucial election. we are very invested in it.
5:40 pm
we're very involved. we're very hopeful that mitt romney is going to knock it out of the park. >> reporter: the chairman of the state republican party just showed up. he'll be upstairs watching the party with the other people. of course you can watch the debate right here on ktvu. we'll bring you the very latest as it develops. i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. also today, the president and first lady are marking their 20th wedding anniversary. they got married back on october 3rd of 1992 after dating for three years. the president took a break from his preparations to send his wife a tweet, saying 20 years ago today i married the love of my life and my best friend. you can take the ktvu election quiz to help you decide which candidate is best for you. "like" ktvu channel 2 news on facebook and you'll find the election quiz right under the
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cover photo. the california highway patrol says the number of car thefts in the state is in a downward trend. it's the sixth year in a row that auto thefts have declined. the chp is crediting enforcement and also education. they also point to better technology both for the cars and officers. >> we also have increased technology, license plate reader technology, lo-jack technology. >> more than 156,000 cars were reported stolen last year. 84.9% of them were recovered. even so, last year's thefts cost californians about $1 billion. the majority of owner of jack lennon square, the san francisco-based company announced the purchase of the buildings in concord plaza. market sources estimate the
5:42 pm
price tag at about 94 million. the buildings are fully leased by the bank of america and are part of a former four-building bank of america campus. apple is reaching out to employees to help fix problems with its new map software. this comes after several complaints we've been telling you about. they say the maps were rife with errors and omissions. some ples are spending about 40 hours every week going through the maps to look for problems. since last week, the number of people using the maps has gone down by 30%. today was national walk to school day. all over the country, students, parents, teachers were walking to school. these kids were on their way this morning. the idea is to promote good health while also reducing pollution. >> we started out a little earlier than we normally do but i think it's something we should definitely do more often. these kids and me need more exercise. >> how do you usually get to
5:43 pm
school? >> we usually drive. >> this is the 16th year for national walk to school day. the largest high school in northern california are getting back something that they lost, thanks to an anonymous donor. and i'm back here in just a few minutes. the fog is back as well big- time. temperatures have fallen rapidly. how much cooler will it be in your neighborhood as we head towards thursday? mobile ktvu, feel connected, any time, anywhere.
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a school in the east bay, a high school, has received a gift that many students and teachers won't soon forget. budget cuts had forced james logan high school in union city to actually close its library. but rob went to that school today and tells us how the library has now been saved. >> reporter: for james logan high school, something has been missing. this, the school library. since the start of the school, the library has been shut down because of budget cuts. the librarian was reassigned to each english. the stacks of books have been collecting bus. but the principal got a phone call from someone she never met, who offered to donate 60,000 to pay the librarian's salary. >> he was very insistent about being anonymous. he did not want any recognition. >> reporter: the offer has sent
5:47 pm
a wave of emotion to the school. >> i'm so moved about what it says about how people feel about libraries. >> reporter: students say they miss not having a library. >> it's a place where i can do my homework first instead of like having to go home and do it. >> reporter: the school says the library will now be able to stay open at least until june. after that, it's hard to say. state cuts to public education still persist and if governor jerry brown's ballot proposition fails next month, more cuts are expected to follow. but that's down the road. for now, the library will reopen on monday and the anonymous owner will soon drop by. >> he said, no, i'd just like you to buy me a cup of coffee. a uc berkeley study shows that a plastic product is linked to hormone changes. researchers say pregnant women
5:48 pm
exposed to higher levels of it have higher levels. the effect did not show up for baby girls. thyroid hormones play a crucial role in development. bpa was banned beginning in july of 2013. tanning beds and skin cancer, they say indoor tanning is linked to at least 170,000 cases of carcinoma each year. the world health organization has also classified ultra violate ratings from tanning beds as a class 1 carcinogen.
5:49 pm
a senate investigation finds they wasted millions in the process. taxpayers spent $2 million on a center, for example, that never opened. $45,0000 on a decked-out suv. >> the report doesn't make any solid recommendations on changes. it just criticizes changes that have taken place over history. >> the department of homeland security says the centers have played a crucial role in investigating and possibly disrupting a number of terrorist plots in the united states. that world-famous hollywood sign is getting a face lift. workers are applying a new coat of plate. but they'll have to put a primer on first. the whole job is expected to take eight to ten weeks. >> we have to put on 2700 pounds of paint on nine letters
5:50 pm
and that's about 15 houses' worth of paint. >> i was excited to paint a landmark, something i could show to my daughter that i did that's recognized worldwide. i'm pretty excited about it. >> the sign was first put up in 1923. let's talk more about our weather. bill, it's almost like the fog held off until the a's game was over, because it was great baseball weather. >> the fog came in quick too. the fog came rushing through the gate. it smashed up in berkeley, so it's really cool up in those areas. live storm tracker, you see that fog. when it finally got in here, it just shot through the gate. it rapidly went through here. fog coverage tonight will be significant. most of the areas will be much cooler this evening, so sleeping will be easier. these were the recorded highs from today, after a few days in a row of record heat. not today.
5:51 pm
temperatures, big-time down. 89 in san jose. 94 in concord. still hot in the inland valley but cooler still. there's further cooling tomorrow. temperatures inland are coming down another 5, 6 degrees. tomorrow, more cooling. as we head towards the bay area weekend, some clouds move in, and there's a chance as you get into sunday of a shower. i'm not selling that hard now. we're going to wait till we get a little closer. but there are indications that we have the potential to get a few sprinkles. it just kind of marks the changes in the season. that's what is happening. santa cruz was 28 degrees cooler than they were yesterday. high pressure is kind of releasing its grip and with that, that fog is just motoring in. so the temperature drops are significant today. they're gonna drop again as we head into your tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow, instead of 90's to 100's, we're in the 60's, 70's and low 80's.
5:52 pm
the forecast model showed fog working its way in late tonight. in most bay area communities tomorrow, and then it burns back. it's just splitting the sacramento area as it goes up through the delta. air quality gets a heck of a lot better around here as well. your forecast highs tomorrow, still really nice. hey, listen, it was hot. that was a big heat deal we had. it went on for a few days, a couple days of record heat. a couple spare the air days and now it's done. we're going to get a break and the firefighters can take a break. you talk about the firehouses and weather patterns and those men and women are on pins and needles. so they get a break and we get a break from the heat. >> so much better. thank you, bill. we're only about 10 minutes away now from the first presidential debate. we will go live to denver for the start of that momentarily. plus, things are not
5:53 pm
looking rosy economically for certain people who live in silicon valley.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
state safety officials are investigating the death of a farm worker who passed out while picking lettuce. the unidentified 51-year-old worker died on monday at a hospital in king city. he was picking lettuce in 94- degree weather. the state department of occupational health and safety is investigating whether the death was heat-related. san mateo county's district attorney is scheduled to go to
5:56 pm
court one week from friday to ask a judge to clear the way for the execution of a man originally sentenced to death in 1989. that comes as voters get ready to decide proposition 32, which would do away with the death penalty here in california. the d.a. wants an expedited execution date for robert fairbanks who abducted and sexually assaulted and murdered a graduate students in 1985. an economic picture today, a dismal picture for those in silicon valley. it coincided with the release of a report called life in the valley economy. it showed that those in the middle and lower brackets had a drop in their median income of 3.2%, hitting the lowest point in 11 years. >> i think the purpose of this was to say we need to be inclusive in silicon valley. we need to have people that
5:57 pm
have a fair wage, a minimum wage, the right skills and be all in it together to be productive for the future. >> today's summit was organized by working partnerships usa, a group that describes itself as an independently social change organization. the presidential debate now just moments away. we will carry it live when it begins. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
5:58 pm
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